The Enterprise Sales Guide

The process of selling enterprise software demystified.


Why do you need enterprise sales?

Enterprise start-ups are often faced with this fundamental question: how can they establish an effective, repeatable, and scalable sales model? See below for some of our favorite articles covering the basics.


Is the price right?

Pricing is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of selling enterprise technology. It is also unfortunately one of the hardest to get right. Here are some of our favorite reads on pricing.


Your First Dozen

With enterprise sales cycles lasting six to nine months on average - and many times longer than a year - time is of the essence, especially for an early stage startup. A single closed deal can be the making or breaking of an early stage enterprise technology startups.


You make what you measure

No matter where you are in the sales process, you'll need to keep an eye on metrics like CMRR, ACV, CLTV to make sure you understand every nook and cranny of customer pain points.


Grow your Sales Team

Once you have proven product-market fit with early sales traction, an enterprise technology startup must scale their scrappy young sales team quickly and effectively into a specialized machine that can focus on each part of the pipeline. How do you go from 1 sales hustler to 5, 50 and more?

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